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    You can’t drive down Melrose Avenue near Wilton Place in Hollywood without noticing the beautiful red brick building on the corner. The Hollywood Historic Hotel re-opens its doors again after many months of reviving it’s original characteristics, just as it was back when it was first built in the 1927. The owners are paying homage to the history of Hollywood and want to be part of the preservation and conservation of the city they love so much. In 1992 the building was listed as National Landmark status.

    There is no place quite like the Hollywood Historic Hotel. Built in 1927 by S. Charles Lee, it captures the history and beauty of a bygone era in Los Angeles, nestled in the heart of filmland. When it opened its doors it was known as The Hollywood Melrose Hotel and was close to The Paramount Film Studios, a bustling center of the Silent Films of that time. This hotel is a treasure that has been restored to its former glory in the more than capable hands of the talented and successful artisan family of Edmon Simonian, owners of Edmon’s Unique Furniture and Stone Gallery, Inc. Edmon’s is in the building and has been there since the late 1970s . Hollywood Historic Hotel is at 5162 Melrose Avenue, between Wilton and Gramercy Place and is an affordable hotel in Hollywood. Edmon Simonian has a fairytale-like story, coming from his native Armenia to America in 1976, at age 35 with his wife and young daughter with very little except an extremely precious gift for craft and design. He is the fourth generation from his family specializing in hand craftsmanship and hand carving. He started at a very young age with his father’s and grandfather’s supervision of practicing the delicate art of designing, carving and manufacturing intricate pieces of wood furniture. He carefully grew his business from one small storefront in the present location of the Hollywood Historic Hotel to eventually expand over the entire block. Starting his business in 1978, Simonian eventually bought the building 20 years later to realize the family’s dream of restoring the building back to its original beautiful state utilizing a special process where one person sanded the entire façade to bring back the original red brick exterior. All the rooms and the building in the Hollywood Historic Hotel have their original bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, windows ,doors, stairwells and even the rough finish of the hallway walls. The lobby its original charm, includin large stained, leaded glass windows and other authentic touches from 1927.

    S. Charles Lee, the architect is recognized as one of the most prolific motion picture theatre designers of the West Coast and designed the Hollywood Historic Hotel when he was 28 years old. When he settled in Los Angeles in 1922 his career was launched by his first major achievement, designing the Tower Theatre in Los Angeles, a Spanish-Romanesque-Moorish design, which led to his being the principal designer of motion picture theatres in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He is credited with designing over 400 theatres throughout California and Mexico and best known for the Bruin Theatre (1937) and the Academy Theatre (1939) in Los Angeles.

    The Hollywood Historic Hotel is on a slice of Melrose surrounded by a neighborhood revival of lovely cafes, restaurants, shops and is just down the street from Paramount Film Studios and the charming Larchmont Village. The residential area is filled with California Craftsman and Spanish-Moorish homes that were built in this preserved Hollywood hamlet of the teens, 1920s and 1930s. Hollywood Historic Hotel offers a warm, friendly atmosphere, owned and managed by the Edmon’s family as a perfect alternative to corporate hotels. Hollywood Historic Hotel features 62 rooms of a European style hotel in the heart of Hollywood. Whether it be the sight-seeing traveler, the business traveler or a great place to house one’s out of town family needing an extra and affordable “room”, the Hollywood Historic Hotel is a wonderful addition to Los Angeles’ living history.

    This landmark, a gem, is an affordable hotel in Los Angeles with a luxurious aura.
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    5162 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038
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